Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New people and old ones

Eleanor is almost 7 weeks now. We love having our new little girl and all the fullness she brings to our family.  It's very fun to show her off and have people be excited about her, but I'm finding that it makes me a little defensive of Howie. Everyone used to be all excited about Howie and think he was so cute want to see pictures of him...but it's all about Eleanor now, and that makes me want to push him forward and say "Look! Howie is still cute and fun, don't you want to see him too?"  I don't want my first baby to be forgotten just because I have a newer one. And it isn't that I don't want people to be excited about Eleanor. I love her! I just get fiercely defensive of my little boy. I guess there really is something about your first child, that little person that unwittingly launches you into parenting and makes you realize you'll never really be prepared for any of this.
  Then again, there are days like last Friday when he screams all the way through the grocery store as if I'm electrocuting him, and then I'm not quite as inclined to feel like people should be excited about him... But most of the time, he's my little boy who I love and don't want to be overshadowed by the newness of his little sister. I guess part of parenting is making sure each kid knows how very special and loved they are. Shouldn't be too hard- I have two super great kids.

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