Monday, March 24, 2014

Ellie's smile

Eleanor is just over two months now. Today she got some shots, and then joined Cy, Julie, Katie and Howie for a tour of Avago. It was kind of funny, ocne I started showing them the Avago test labs (which essentially look like an episode of Hoarders, but electronics themed) everyone seemed strangely eager to return to the beautiful sunny day outside.

My favorite thing these days is that Ellie has started really making eye contact, and gives cute little grins and coos when she sees us. It's spotty, most of the time she's just starting off at nothing. But several times throughout the day she'll lock eyes and give me a big smile.

She's still quite the bobble head, and still like to keep her limbs stiff and curled up, but I can see those things fading. Best of all, she's sleeping way better! Just now (11:45pm) Katie fed her and put her right back to sleep. I'm incredibly thankful she's sleeping better, because my turn is coming soon. Katie returns to work this Friday, so I'm on nights!

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