Thursday, April 24, 2014

Howies words

It seems as though Howie is right on the edge of talking. Don't get me wrong, he still can't even pronounce most sounds and has yet to speak a complete phrase, but it feels like he's gonna wake up one morning and change all that. He has a small vocabulary of words that he says, albeit not perfectly. But the real indicators are how much he understands us saying, and how receptive he is to learning new words. For example, the other day I pointed at a tree in our backyard and said, "Howie, this is a tree," and he responded by saying "tree!"

So at 22 months old, this is Howie's main vocabulary:
Elno (Eleanor)
No, Oh no!
Ya, Yep
Outide (outside)
Ba (ball)
Wing (swing)
Goggy (doggy)
Choose (shoes)
Beet (feet)
Broccoli (probably his best word)
Dee (please, or cheese)
Wa-wa (water)
Ga-go (cracker)
Why (rice)
Eh-mo (airplane)
Eh-ka (helicopter)

Whenever we're playing in the backyard, he points to the sky and says Eh-mo or Eh-ka every couple minutes when something flies by.

And then there's his animal imitations, which are hilarious. He's got down a doggy, cat, duck, lion, monkey, horse, and sometimes a cow (when asked for a cow, he usually does a cat). His duck impression is the best one, he really belts out a throaty quack.

I'm gonna miss this phase when he starts to fully talk, because his babblings and partial words are so fun and cute.