Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time off, recovery, Howie & sis

I had anticipated returning to work part time yesterday. However, Katie needs more time to recover before I leave her alone with both kids. Katie is doing great, but this second c-section seems to be harder than the first, as she experiencing more pain and soreness. She was told not to lift Howie for a month after Eleanor's birth, so in order to stick to that I need to be home. Fortunately my boss is presently feeling very gracious, as he himself is now vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.

Ellie is such a good little girl. She is so peaceful even when awake. She loves to be held! When she gets sad, I just pick her up and she's soothed almost immediately. It's so precious, and makes me feel good to know that she is so comforted by me.

Howie is being very sweet to his new sister. He affectionately says "baby" to her all the time, seemingly recognizing her as a new constant in our home. We let him hold her on the couch and he's very gentle and cautious, except for the occasional nostril gouge. He hasn't acted very jealous yet, but that may yet come with time.


  1. Oh, the joy of siblings! I love the pictures. The fun has just begun.

  2. This is amazing!!! Im dying these are SUCH cute pictures!!